Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tool # 2

Although I found Tool # 2 interesting, philosophy-of-blogging-and-commenting-wise, I felt a little like I had been thrown into deep water and told to "swim" in terms of the actual mechanics of getting it done.
I had trouble making a successful comment. Nobody there to walk me through it once.
That makes me apprehensive about doing #s 3-11 this summer.
Many of these tools look like ones that were in use a few years ago, but they are all slightly different in style, which leads me to believe we will be steered into one product, e.g. google, in order to minimize logins, passwords, styles, etc.  And who will be the new google, three years from now? Remember Netscape?

I can't see how I will moderate my blog - approve/delete comments (maybe I'm not set up right).

I liked Justin Wheeler's blog style, and may offer him something under the table to help me with mine...

The Google Reader instructions were voluminous, but it was easy to ignore most of these and put in several blogs...we'll see how easy it is to monitor a bunch of blogs that way.

I can't imagine wanting to get emails from more than one or two blogs. I'm already getting tons of email that are not exactly spam, from another source, but only a few of these end up providing me with useful information. I can see some very full mailboxes in the future.

BLOGS I ALREADY PERUSE REGULARLY:  Eric Berger at the Houston Chronicle  Dwight Silverman at the Houston Chronicle

I'm not convinced it won't be easier to look at these two blogs on the website.

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