Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tool # 4 Moving Up To The Clouds

As I recall, we tried a collaboration using Google Docs last August during staff development.  It did not go well with 4 or 5 groups participating in real time.  To me this sounds great, but the idea of real time edits by more than one person seems destined to pull the Chaos Theory lever - you might end up all cherries, but then again, might not.

My favorite was the Google Forms app.  I immediately thought of Quinton Freeman's "I need/I provide" spreadsheet for testing time.  I liked the quiz generator - I currently have seniors write potential test questions from their notes after a lecture (notes have limited use for prelims, but a list of possible test questions, that's a way to prepare). In future, I could see students taking notes, generating their own questions online, then I would cull these to produce quizzes.  I could see pointing out things they missed in the lecture (adding questions they missed), a push  for them to take better notes for the next topic.

I just had to laugh. I got into Google Apps, thinking "this is new," and got the message "Google Docs is being replaced by Google Drive."  Talk about a quick change.  Then I realized I had been there before, when I recognized the special ed documents I had received and been trained on earlier in the year!  If you don't use it, you lose it.  That raises a question - when will last year's SpEd docs be purged?

I could see producing a department equipment purchase/replacement spreadsheet by sending forms to team members with description, source, unit price, number required, etc.

It's interesting, learning to use an iPAD, I can see just how badly Google wants to compete with Apple. Somebody gonna win, somebody gonna lose.

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  1. I like the idea of using Google Apps (or something similar) to complete the "I Need, I Provide" information. That might be something to consider when it is that time again. Thanks.