Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tool # 5 Producing With Web 2.0 Tools

I saw Jo Morgensen had used Makebeliefscomix (cute, Jo) and Wordle.  All of the others seemed to be heavy into videos, pictures or storytelling.  I tried creating a comic on and it was relatively simple, but I ended up having to start over a few times - you can't leave that window for help without wiping your work clean.  In addition, I could email it to myself, or print it, but with no printer at home, the email only sends a link, not a graphic file.  I will post my comic here when I find out how to do it.

Ms. Foofoo's Class

Okay, apparently Jo used Prnt Scrn, or alt Prnt Scrn, cropped it, and pasted it. YOU can click the link above.

With Wordle I thought I'd be clever and create something I need for class at the same time.  I did a search on types of engineer, and put the extensive list into Wordle.  It helps to have a text file somewhere else from which to cut and paste.  With about fifty entries like "Nuclear Engineer" the Wordle had a HUGE "Engineer" and tiny everything else.  I deleted all but about 5 copies of "Engineer" so that it was only BIGGER and all the other words are readable.  I played with layout and color, got something I liked, and saved it to a public gallery.  I saved the URL and the Delete URL in my text file.  Here goes...

Wordle: Engineers

As Bill Nye would say, "Not that bad!" I will probably ask students to brainstorm these first, webless, then give them the Wordle to see how they did.  Note, if you want some words bigger, just add more copies of those words to your text file - 2, 3, 4 copies - and major types of engineering will stand out.  I can see giving my students a similar assignment - they can put a copy in my drop box.

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