Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tool # 6b Using Web Tools, The Sequel

Well, I looked at PollEverywhere, and it looks like it will be very useful.  This is a way to get students actively engaged, but without having to maintain 30 ActivExpressions or set them up each year.  My only concern is whether texting will end up costing kids without unlimited plans...

I got an Edmodo account:

I was concerned that edmodo might be more trouble than other options, but it's an SBISD account, and fairly secure.  I was thinking Twitter might be easier, but people have just hacked into accounts and destroyed files just to take over someone's Twitter account.  That scares heck out of me.

I also got a diigo account, and got into some SBISD and NHS groups without much pain:

I see quicker use of this among teachers, to start, with classroom applications later.

I think I'll wait on Twitter until the security angle has been addressed.

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