Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool # 8 Taking a Look at the Tools

1.  I learned very little about the Dell Netbooks.  I learned more about them by attending the roundtable discussion in the spring.  Apparently, "we voted" to receive 4 netbooks and 4 iPads, although MY vote was NOT to split, but let each teacher get 8 of their favorite - what can you do with 4?????  Math teachers like iPads and English teachers hate them; must have been more English teachers there.

I was given an iPad for the summer, and my daughter's boyfriend, who has one, quickly showed me how to use it, get registered, and download a whole bunch of free apps.  I will get him to show me how to take, store, transfer pictures in the near future.

Back to the Netbooks - slow to login, have to dedicate a whole class just to get all students to login on all devices, and the batteries apparently won't last a whole day. Great. What software will they have?

I did learn that all the iPads need to synch from my (non-Mac) laptop, so the downloads I got to the iPad will need to be redone.  I'm still not clear how downloading an app and putting it on other devices gets licensed.  If we buy a few apps that cost money, do we have to pay for multiple devices? Who pays?

2.  I have a feeling that two (or three) teachers will pool their devices so that I could use 8 (or 12, or 16) iPads one day, while someone else will use the netbooks (internet? Word? ??), then swap.  I have a feeling that the iPads will be used with little to no training time, but that I will have to synch them every day to get rid of the music and video games that were downloaded.

I sure hope there is a way to lock them up...

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